Homemade Board Game.




The boys took over the living room floor with markers, cardboard, tape, and ideas. In a favorable moment, they were friends (as opposed to enemies, it goes back and forth all day long) and were chipping in to make a Minecraft board game. Younger fella recruited Dear Husband for cardboard detail. I was put at the computer typing cards and finding matching photos online. The boys, were sprawled across the carpet designing. And then is was complete. They did it together, happily.  And we played. And it was fun. And now Minecraft board game has a little space next to our other board games. Not all moments turn out so well, but it’s pretty darn great when they do.

Rose Window.



My older son and I have been paper crafting this week. I indulged myself, reading through Rose Windows and How to Make Them by Helga Meyerbroker one morning while waiting for the fellas to wake. My older son woke up, snuggled up with me, and started asking questions. He directed me to page forward and back again, checked out the patterns, and declared we must get to work!

After swim lessons this week, we bought a tissue paper variety pack. The cardboard rings we make ourselves from recycled mailing envelopes and such.

His window above, I hung in our bedroom to gaze at each morning. (The photo is actually a collage of the same rose window shot with three different white balances.) He’s not content with just that one though. He keeps paging through to more intricate ones. He edited down one pattern so far and I think he’s ready to start inventing his own. I think it is similar to making paper snowflakes, which we do just randomly invent, so I’m game. I’m thinking a spider web would be fun and then there are many landscape ones I see that are so fabulous.

We are heading back to the used book store this weekend. Since we enjoy paper crafting together, I’m hoping we score another gem. If you have any fun titles to recommend, he and I would appreciate it.