Market Bag or Basically The Best Campground Life Bag I’ll Ever Own.




I thought necessity for this knitting project. I noticed I needed a bag. One to carry stuff and jam stuff in. A campground, hiking, biking, sort of bag. I found this fabulous nest bag at Purl Soho. On my needles and off again in about three days, it’s been put to the test. It’s had wet and dry laundry, snacks, stuffed toys, and most recently seashells. I’m most definitely fighting the urge to make another.

Do More With Less.



My recent Konmari education has re-infused my dreams of less stuff. In that spirit, I happily searched for a paperless calendar for 2016. You know, try to do more with less, no paper on the wall, use what I have sort of thing. So, I came upon this site that generates calendar wallpaper for your phone or computer in mere moments using your own photos. It was fast, free, and functional. I already own and have displays on said electronics, so two birds, yes?

The longest part was picking the darn photo. (And I figure it’s easy to switch out if I want to.) With little snow here, the evergreen wins.

Hoping this new year brings you closer to  your goals one tiny step at a time.