Camping in Cheaha State Park, Alabama.

We just got back from five nights and four days in Cheaha State Park, Alabama. What a beautiful view!

We learned it’s the highest point in Alabama, and when we were in the lookout tower we were the highest people in the whole state:)

We hiked a trail made in the 1930’s by the CCC.

We collected, sawed, split, and burned our own firewood.

We had a great amount of hammock time.

We saw beautiful oakleaf hydrangeas, tradescantia, and other great blooming spring flowers.

We saw real lizards. We “saw” bears in the tree trunk at our site. (Both pictured below -crazy trunk, right?).

We shared our childhood favorite Halloween costumes with the boys. (Dad – Rubik’s Cube… 3 times…, Mom – Bride, Scarecrow, Prairie Girl)

We broke a camp chair but rescued another from the trash and hope to fix the two into a new one.

We saw beautiful mountain views, breathed fresh air, spent every minute together, and will do it again.

What is your favorite camping spot? What’s your best camping memory?

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