Bird Patterns.



I found Little Birds: 26 Handmade Projects to Sew, Stitch, Quilt & Love at the used book store and fell in love with the cover project. So much so, that I didn’t do much flipping through. The price was small enough to be worth it for just the one pattern. At home, I flipped through more, the boys too. That led to their requests and now I’m onto project three.

This book is a little odd, in that it is a collection of projects based just on one topic, but most definitely NOT style. So, while I love the cover picture, there are projects in there that aren’t even close to something I’d love. The patterns aren’t particularly cohesive. I’m not sure if just “birds” is enough to create a grouping. However, maybe the wild variety is the appeal? The owl is something I would never choose to make, but my younger son was all over it.

He’s fascinated with owls at the moment. He’s told me, a lot recently, we need to own one. For now, this guy will have to do. The next project is for my older son. He likes the cover birdy, in his favorite color, yellow. Our little bird flock is growing.

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