Argh, A Pirate Jacket.

Since I have begun selling on Etsy I have been exposed to shopping on Etsy as well. Etsy is an amazing resource of talented men and women who just like to make things:) Sounds like my kind of place.

This Halloween I searched Etsy for pirate costumes for our youngest. I found an adorable, and very unique, pirate costume pattern. I had a wool coat my brother-in-law gave my husband years ago that was waiting for its perfect project. It was perfect harmony.

A lot of cutting, sewing, asking my son what color this and that he wanted, more sewing, and we were ready for Halloween. More importantly this jacket is so adorable it can easily see him warmly through the whole winter. He is that fun kind of fella that likes to dress up and play on a moments notice.

Etsy is a gold mine for well written patterns. People are putting their heart and souls into their work. They want you to succeed and enjoy. I mention this now because the holiday season is coming, perhaps it’s time to check out some great handmade options.

The pattern I purchased is available on Etsy here.


One thought on “Argh, A Pirate Jacket.

  1. Hi Brenda, So great to see your finished pirate coat! I’m glad you had lots of fun making it… I’ll let you know when I have more fun boys patterns ready 🙂 Lisa xx

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