We have separate rooms now. We installed the insulation and are working on finishing up the walls. I’ve been taping, mudding, and sanding. It’s a messy job. Dear Husband has been running electric in his shop, smartly steering clear of drywall jobs, but the boys do like mudding for a tiny bit. Together we all painted and installed (not the boys on this one, it’s 10 foot ceilings) the tongue and groove (car siding) ceiling. It’s fabulous.

We had the propane tank delivered and filled, we’ve got all the guts piped and run, now it’s just a matter of walls and finishing. It’s hard to see large progress now, because the changes are small. It’s in the details. It is exciting to get closer to those finishing touches that will be forever visible. It’s nail-chomping to see if we made the right choices too. Will the black kitchen cabinets look as awesome as I hope?

All in all, it’s home-ish and I’m getting excited.

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