Animal in My Attic.


(A squirrel’s tail, not the one from the story, but one I found on our property a while ago.)

I’m sorry to say this tale doesn’t end happily. I just want to get that out straight away.

There is an awful smell in the bathroom. Musty? Dear husband and I knew what this meant. The squirrel that was trying to move into the attic was most likely dead. We tried to trap him using tantalizing baits. He was an unwelcome neighbor and we knew he had to go…elsewhere.

Our attic is also littered with blocks of poison for mice. It’s ingrained in us, after living in the middle of cornfields. Let me tell you something, mice are bad. Very bad. They have no discretion. They ruin it all.

Well, when we heard the 7:30 AM prancing of little squirrel feet (confirmed by sightings of him crawling out of the gutter, cracked shells, and dusty footprints) for a week, we called a few roofing companies. Three quotes, two traps, and more prancing feet later (he was seriously wacky, like racing around in circles), we started noticing he was eating the mouse poison, gobs of it! We were told he would NEVER eat it, that we should bait our traps with peanuts, peanut butter, french fries, and whatever else. In the end, he preferred the poison.

Y’all know what happens here, he dines, he slowly dies… in the attic.

We have a cathedral ceiling in the kitchen, which creates a crazy pitch in the attic. I climbed over it, slithered into this wonderful place to lure a squirrel to live, and into the far nether regions to find a squirrel, dead, really, really, really dead. With rubber gloves and a plastic bag, I removed him, along with a mouse. Hey, I was up there, I may as well grab it. Oh yeah, I removed piles of squirrel poop too…. moving on.

Anyhow, he’s been permanently relocated, and all is well, for us anyways. Hopefully the squirrel nook isn’t shouting “vacancy” because I’m sure there is no fun in any of this. And, I’ve got another awful note, the bathroom still smells “musty.” Ugh.

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