Adapt. Overcome.



Dear Husband and I have differing views on preparedness. He likes to have all the tools necessary and I like to make do. After years of marriage, we accept each other’s differing opinions and dare I say we’ve learned from them? His contention is a task is easier if you have the right tools to attack it. I agree with that. But, is that ever truly possible? 100% of the time? I like to bolster my argument, by pointing out that the unofficial mantra of the Marines is indeed my way, the adapt, overcome method. (And MacGyver, I mean come on, that guy was inspiring…even if not real…Okay, what about Bear Grylls?) He bolsters his with some Boy Scout’s mantra about always being prepared, always in a state of readiness, or something along those lines.

Onto the smores.

I packed only one package of chocolates for our ever important smores last weekend. I like to buy one bar to limit how many we eat. Night one, chocolate gone. Day two came around and smores looked pretty good again to the three fellas, and… yes to me too.

Dear Husband went into adapt, overcome mode. He made microwaved chocolate chips smores. This may seem a trifle thing to you. It may be something you already knew about, tried, or did. But, this is a marriage bolstering moment right here. It’s the one where Dear Husband used my mantra over his!

And, yes, I’ve learned as well. Last September I remember to pack an insect bite kit and was prepared!

So, we make a good match. Prepare and if you can’t then, adapt, overcome, eh?

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