Right now, the road is our home.

We sold our house, stored our stuff, and are taking the boys on a trip of a lifetime,

in our Airstream, Tracy.



That’s me. I’m all about collecting up our family’s memories, including the stuff we see, make, and find.



Our passionate explorers of the world.

They like bickering in the back seat, wrestling, and watching movies.

Dear Husband.


He’s our constant planner and fabulous driver. He has plan A and B ready at all times.



That’s Mack.

He’s 13 and he’s still rocking. He likes sleeping under the table in the slide out.



All photos on this blog are shot on my Nikon D5100 camera with an 18-70mm lens, manual settings, (except the first year).

I don’t have Photoshop, I’m just not patient enough.

Stones River National Battlefield is featuring our trip on their social media as a celebration of 100 years of National Parks.



Pail and Pie is about collecting up the fun little bits of our days.

It’s our family photo album and memory keeper.

So glad you got a chance to peek.

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  1. Hi Brenda. I’m sitting here at my desk at the library chatting with your mother in law. I work in the Friends and Volunteer office and see her weekly. A few months back she introduced me to your blog. I love it and find your life style choice to be refreshing and charming. What adventurers you are! You might even try selling your slippers on Etsy.

    • Thanks a lot! I adore that my mother in law is our book lady, she is so sweet to sift through all those titles and always finds some excellent resources.

      • Hi Brenda. Stevie stopped by the library today. As always, we had a nice chat. I told her that I was reading your blog but I hadn’t been to it in a few weeks. She informed me of the new journey you and your family are embarking on. I said, WOW, what a wonderful joyful life they lead. You are so brave. And since I know you are a reader, I thought you might enjoy the story of Herman and Candy Zapp. if you aren’t aware of them already, they, like yourself are one of the unique and rare families that chose their own path through; seeking happiness and personal growth for themselves and their children by living their own dream. Check them out during your travels. Their book, “Spark Your Dream” is worth the read and will warm your heart. It is an amazingly life affirming tale they live to tell. Here’s their web page: http://www.argentinaalaska.com/blog/We-are

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