A Piece of Cake Knitting Pattern.




It’s my youngest fella’s birthday. In his honor, I’m posting a tiny piece of cake knitting pattern. It’s approximately 1 3/4″ tall and 2″ from the tip to the frosted edge. A totally tiny gift for someone who doesn’t want sugar or stuff, but could always use a smile.

Free PDF Pattern here:

A Piece of Cake Pattern

Also, I am joining the Yarn Along today in 7-year-old birthday boy style!

Knitting: A Pokemon Card storage bag. For this year’s birthday gift we wanted to give him a NOT thing, something that won’t sit on a shelf or get broken. So we gave him sword fencing lessons. He LOVES fencing, he practices on his own time almost daily now. It’s been a lot of fun for him and his brother (who worked his way in on the birthday present, it’s been noted and will even out come September.) Still, I freaked out and wanted to give him a very small something to open on the actual birthday morning. I found this Pokemon washcloth. I made two, sewed them together, added a cream fabric lining and a zipper. He can keep his favorite cards inside, but it’s a small “thing” so I’m contented. (See his little handmade Pokemon card? I adore them. I’ve meant to post about their recent Pokemon love and their awesome handmade ones.)

Reading: Ricky Ricotta and His Mighty Robot series. Earlier this month, while cleaning and sorting books, I asked my sons where a random robot book had come from. They both shrugged, but Little Fella definitely moved in for the grab. Robots are his thing. Most likely he bought this at a sale in the past year and we all forgot about it. He paged through and carried that book around for a week. Fortunately, on the way home from a living history demonstration on Friday, we scored four more in the series at a garage sale! So, Ricky Ricotta is his favorite at the moment. For his birthday I ordered book four, which is the only one we were missing. We are reading a book every morning, they are pretty short and it stinks to read them out-of-order. I used his birthday as an excuse to get the missing one.

The books are short, silly, well illustrated, come with complete “flip-o-rama” scenes and how-to draw the characters in each title. They are great fun.


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  1. Cute cake! I took fencing in college – my! it was really hard, and great exercise! Only one semester, that was enough. Hope your son continues to enjoy!

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