A Big Little Jacket.





My younger son decided he’d like to be a pirate for Halloween this year. Before I made him this jacket (he’s since outgrown but wears anyways). I asked if he’d like a new one that fits. He said that would be great. I dug through my stash and used a grey/blue wool blend for the exterior as the weather could be downright cold. I lined the jacket with orange, his favorite color. He asked for a hooded variation this time around (pattern from Big Little Shop on Etsy) and I decided it would be more functional with pull ties. Remember the knitting fork? I made the string for this coat with that.

Hot off the machine, I had him try it on and told him I’d detail it like his last coat. Only, he said he likes it just as it is. He’ll be a scary pumpkin man instead. Okay, sounds good. We’ve got a stellar mask and now his costume is all wrapped up. I’m sure we’ll add some seriously scary details that day, but having the coat as is afterwards will be great.

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